Get a Licence

The Griffith Kart Club welcomes everyone to participate in and affordable and exciting motorsport. The first thing you need to do is to get a licence. Take a look at the following steps for an insight into the application process.

How to apply for a KA (Karting Australia) Licence and Griffith Kart Club Membership
  1. Access the Karting NSW website
  2. Click on “Licences and Entries” then “New Licence Application”.
  3. Complete all the mandatory fields.
  4. Include one telephone number and email address in the Contact Details section.
  5. Select the preferred class in Competition Details Section.
  6. Select the type of licence applying for.
  7. Select “Griffith Kart Club” in club details.
  8. Fill out payment details.
  9. If possible, attach an electronic photo in Passport photo section (or you can attach to your application you give to the Griffith Kart Club Licencing officer).
  10. Select the applicable conditions then click the “Next” button.
  11. Complete the Medical Declaration page then click “Next” button.
  12. Print out the final page “Apply for Competition Licence” which contains the application reference number
Required Documentation: (to be given to Licencing Officer, Griffith Kart Club)
  1. Application with reference number, signed by applicant – If under 18, a parent will need to sign.
  2. Passport photo (if not supplied via on-line application).
  3. Copy of Birth Certificate (if under 18) or Drivers Licence (Over 18).
  4. Medical Certificate and Letter from Doctor (if over 60).
  5. Cheque/cash (if selected) for yourKA Licence (cheque made out to Karting NSW) and club membership fees(cheque made out to Griffith Kart Club Inc.)
  6. If you paid the licence application fee on-line via credit card, you just need to pay your club membership.
  7. Club membership application form, signed.
  8. Before the licence application can be processed, you must complete a Safety Assessment.
  9. Once this is done, the application can be processed and approved by Karting NSW.
  10. All the above documentation must be completed and approved before your licence process is complete. An email will be sent to you by Karting NSW. You cannot practice at the GKC circuit until you receive notification that the licence is APPROVED.
  11. If the licence holder wishes to race, they will be required to complete an OLT (Observed Licence Test) this involves a theory session and a short track day. For under 18’s, parents will need to be present.
  12. The purpose of the OLT for new members who wish to race, and is to ensure that we meet our obligations to comply with various KA requirements and that you understand your obligations whilst participating as a member of this club and as an KA licence holder.
  13. Note that a Practice licence holder is allowed to enter 1 club day race per year, and would need to have done the OLT to do this.


The full PDF document is available for download here > How to get licence