Practice Policy

The Griffith Kart Club is affiliated with Karting New South Wales Inc. and adopts the policy of Karting NSW relating to use of the Griffith Kart Club for practice and recreational purposes. The policy can be downloaded from the following link;

Karting (New South Wales) Inc, State Policy PRACTICE/RECREATIONAL

1) A current Practice Permit is on display. Where applicable, all key holders to sign the practice policy accepting the policy.
2) Access is available to a fixed or mobile telephone and that emergency contact numbers are available for local emergency services.
3) Appropriate flags and fire equipment be at the start grid.
4) A responsible person is in attendance and that person to be 18 years old or older, to be non participating in practice.
5) An inspection of the track is carried out prior to karts using it (track walk).
6) All drivers wanting to use the track are to have a current Karting New South Wales licence.
7) Novice and Rookies can practice together.
8) Seniors only together on the track.
9) Drivers should present their swipe card to the person controlling practice prior to going onto the circuit.
10) If the event licencing system is not accessible at the circuit then a Register for recording details of anyone practicing should be kept, a copy is included. This would be sent to the State Office for licence verification with the next race day’s paperwork.
11) Any person who practices unlicenced will be referred to a disciplinary tribunal.
12) Karts used in practice will comply with the current rule book
13) E Grade licence holders are only permitted to use:
Cadet 9 – Mini Rok Restricted/SW80/KT100J Restricted.
Cadet 12 – Mini Rok/KT100J Restricted
Juniors – KA100 Restricted/KT100J
Seniors – KA100/KT100J/KT100S or Tag 125 Restricted.