Come & Try – February 2016

The Griffith Kart Club held a successful ‘Come Try Day’ at the circuit on Sunday Feb 22. The day got off at about 9.00am and we had 15 people come out over the course of the day with their parents, friends and relations to have a drive of a Kart.  The club had members lend a hand to our Club, President Ash Woolner, get prospective racers into a kart and do some laps of the fast GKC track.

The club is always excited to have new people experience the thrill of Karting and we had many first timers trying their skills. Our youngest person was just 7 years old and did a great job of getting over the nerves and taking the clubs’ cadet kart of some laps.  The aim is to give the opportunity for all people interested in karting to have a go, as this may lead to more members  and a stronger club.

The GKC is a community based Kart Club and offers members a great family environment for people of all ages to experience the thrill of driving a Kart, either socially or competition. We offer budding racers a controlled race track environment to develop their skills in a practical and exciting way.  If you missed out on this event don’t worry. We intend to hold more during 2016, just like us on facebook or subscribe to our newsletter and we will be in touch when the next one is on.

Thanks, the GKC!