Griffith Kart Club AGM 2016

The Griffith Kart Club would like to give members a report on the results of the 2016 AGM for the Griffith Kart Club. The meeting was held on Wednesday August 17th 2016 at the Coro Club, Harwood Road Griffith and was attended by a large number of members. The following people were elected to the committee for the 2016/2017 year and are as follows:

GKC 2016/17 Elected Committee

  • President: Ashley Woolner
  • Vice President: Geoff O’Callaghan
  • Junior Vice President: Scott Young
  • Club Secretary: Tracey Greenhalgh
  • Treasurer: Monique Boots
  • Race Secretary: Lynda Weigand
  • Publicity Officer: Geoff O’Callaghan
  • SKC Club Delegates: Ashley Woolner, Geoff O’Callaghan, Scott Young
  • Zone Delegates: Ashley Woolner, Rod Boots, Geoff O’Callaghan
  • Public Officer: Bradley Greenhalgh
  • Safety Officer: Neville Garner
  • Webmaster: Geoff O’Callaghan
  • Junior Development Officers: Guy Little, Wally Snaidero, Gail Woolner, Rino Mezzomo, Andrew Sands
  • Licencing Officer: Steve Weigand
  • Property Officers: Rod Boots, Ben Boots, Wally Snaidero
  • OLT Officers: Ashley Woolner, Peter Prendergast, Rino Mezzomo
  • GKC Sub-Committees

  • Canteen Committee: Tracey Greenhalgh, Brad Greenhalgh
  • Fundraising Committee: Margaret Severino, Monique Boots, Lynda Weigand, Gail Woolner, Donna Snaidero, Tracey Greenhalgh, Nadia Mezzomo, Lisa Monahan

    The newly elected committee thanks all members for participating in the AGM and look forward to a good year ahead for the club.