Club Championship Guidelines

1. All financial members are eligible to accumulate points for the Griffith Kart Club Championship.

2. All rounds held at Griffith Kart Club will count towards the championship except rounds of the Southern Stars Series or State Titles.

3. To support fellow country clubs in our zone, a chosen club day held at Wagga during the calendar year will also count in the Griffith Kart Club Championship.

4. Each member will accumulate points from one class/race day (best result on the day as per race results).

5. Members must race at least 50% of race meetings to qualify.

6. To qualify for the club championship, the member or their guardian must accumulate 2 sessions of volunteering for the club during the season. This can be a combination of the following  –  attending working bees, officiating at events, working with club maintenance (slashing, mowing etc).

7. If a driver or guardian officiates at a race meet and the driver does not race, he/she will receive 4 points as follows:
• Clerk of Course/ Assistant Clerk of Course
• Steward/ Assistant Steward/ First Aid
• Weigh Marshall/ Grid Marshall/Flaggie/ Scrutineer
If a driver competes at the event, only their finishing position points will be awarded and no additional points will be accrued for the officiating.

8. Points are not transferrable: points won as junior cannot be used for senior championship if you change classes during the year.

9. Points will be awarded dependant on entries/class as follows:
2-5 entrants:
• 1st place: 5 points
• 2nd place: 3 points
• 3rd place: 2 points
• 4th & 5th place: 1 point

6+ entrants:
• 1st place: 8 points
• 2nd place: 6 points
• 3rd place: 5 points
• 4th place: 4 points
• 5th place: 3 points
• 6th place: 2 points
• 7th place and thereafter: 1 point.

No points will be awarded for classes with less than 2 entries at the race meet.

10. The member that accumulates the most points in the calendar year and meets the above criteria will be awarded the club championship.

11. A Junior Club Champion and a Senior Club champion will be awarded at the annual Club Christmas Party/ Presentation.