Constitution & By-laws


In a Special General Meeting of GKC members held on 19/10/2021, the club voted on adopting the Dept of Fair Trading Model Constitution (without modification).

Note: Any changes made to the Model Constitution by the Department of Fair Trading will automatically apply to all associations (including Griffith Kart Club) who have adopted the model constitution (without modification).


In a General Meeting of GKC members held on 22/09/2021, the club voted on adopting the below By-Laws:

  1. If the GCK wishes to change or add an affiliation to a sporting or government institution it shall only be done at a Special General Meeting. 
  2. A 60 day cooling off period will apply to any new member, during which time, they are unable to vote at an AGM or Special General Meeting. 
  3. All volunteers are to have a valid Working With Children check.
  4. Proxy votes are not valid for any vote.

In a GKC Committee Meeting held on 10 May 2022, the club voted on adopting the following Disciplinary Action Process

Related Info

All Members and attendees at Club activities or meetings must behave in accordance with the Code of Conduct. Click the link below to read more about the Griffith Kart Club’s Code of Conduct.