Age & Class

If you are new to the sport of karting and wondering what type of Kart will be right for you or your children the this page will hopefully point you in the right direction.

Play, Race or Both

We see many people enter the sport thinking they will only get a practice licence and come out to the track and have some fun on a Sunday. More often than not these members end up getting their competition licence and wish to compete in Club Race Days. If you may think that your would like to race in the future then we recommend you seriously look at purchasing a Kart that will be competitive from your first practice. There is no better feeling that being able to compete with fellow racers using similar quality karts with competitive engines. We suggest purchase wisely and only once, make sure you don’t purchase a Kart based on the price alone.

How do I decide on what class to race?

The first thing you need to sort out is the actual age and class that you may be competing or practicing in. Karting New South Wales supports and encourages a pathway for Karters to progress through over their career, we will take a look at each age group and available class and list the requirements for the driver and specifications of go-kart you may need to race with.

This information will assist you

This document is a short guide into Kart Classes and age groups.It will not specify any particular brand or supplier of Karts but we will show you what you should look for to be competitive. Karting New South Wales has released the 2019 rule book with all specifications that you will require.

Karting New South Wales Inc. Classes – 2019

The following information is promoted clear pathways for all levels and ages of Kart racers.

Junior Pathways for 6-15 year olds at club level racing only.

  • Novice (6-9 yrs 7.6hp) >>>> Rookie (9-12 yrs 11hp) >>>> Junior (12-15 yrs 13hp)

Junior Pathways for 6-15 year olds at club level racing only.